Why Go Solar?

Mars Solar V2.0 Eagle Mount


Going Solar is not an inexpensive proposition. The upside is it will certainly pay off over the life of the equipment so don't skimp on the products you purchase and especially the solar racking. The mount or rack that holds your fragile and expensive PV panels will no doubt have to withstand some serious obstacles over its life such as sun, wind, snow, rain, and the everyday harsh reality of life on planet earth. Get a Mars Solar Mount and relax knowing you have invested in the best equipment on planet Earth, plus it's guaranteed for life. 

Mars Solar - Mars Energy Corp

In the real world, very few homes have roofs that are actually at the right heading or the correct pitch to have an effective and efficient solar array. Same can be said for RV's and tiny houses. I personally own an RV and use it often, and I prefer my RV parked in the shade and my solar panels in the sun.

Mars Solar V2.0 Eagle Mount


Top of pole solar mounts can be setup in full sun and easily adjusted for heading (azimuth) and angle (elevation). Proper adjustment based on the seasonal tilt of the sun can maximize the solar exposure to the panels and the efficiency of the array by as much as 10%. With the new Mars V2.0 or V3.0 Mount, adjustment is simple with the built-in visible elevation protractor. Any angle between 20-70° is fast, secure, and easy. All of the Mars Solar Racks come pre-drilled for standard L-Foot brackets and will accommodate all rail mounting systems including Unirac, Renogy, Ironridge, or save some money and build your own rails from aluminum angle.

Mars Energy Corp Lander Portable Solar Mount

Mars Energy Corp V2.0 Eagle Solar Pole Mount