Installation Notes


The mast is NOT included with our mounts. We offer a 2"OD Steel Mast (96" Length) under our accessories tab or it can be purchased locally at most hardware stores or steel suppliers. The mast is the foundation and supporting structure to your system and must be properly installed. Roughly 30% of the pipe length should be anchored in the ground, encased in concrete.

Mars Energy Corp V2.0 Eagle Solar Pole Mount

V2.0 EAGLE Installation - 
To properly anchor the 2"OD 8ft (96”) steel pipe for the V2.0 Eagle Solar Mount, you would need a 30" deep hole, 18" inches in diameter. After installation the mast will sit 5.5ft (66") above grade. We also strongly recommend filling the mast pipe with concrete to dampen wind vibrations. This also makes the mast more than 10 times stronger against bending or kinking. It's worth the $8 bag of concrete to create a solid and lasting structure.

V3.0 STORM Installation -
The 3"OD (min 3/16" wall thickness) mild steel square tube can be sourced in your local area at most any steel supplier or metal fabricator. 10ft length or longer is preferable. After 3ft is anchored in concrete underground, you will have 7ft of the square tube above grade. This will help keep your panels up high and out of harm's way.

If you by chance need a "stamped" engineered drawing to satisfy your local building codes and get that permit, let us know.

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Mars Energy Corp V2.0 Eagle Solar Pole Mount

 Mars Energy Corp V2.0 Eagle Solar Pole Mount